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Development or adaptation of drawings Steel structures, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, mechanical units from products of both domestic and foreign manufacturers (GOST, EN, DIN). Contacts Contract manufacturing Welded metal structures. Manufacturing of parts of mechanisms by machining. Anti-corrosion protection. Assembling of steel structures. Assembling mechanical equipment. Installation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Contacts Maintenance of equipment Service maintenance of equipment, including: scheduled, repair, reconstruction. Contacts

Benefits of cooperation with «Irosteecon» LLC: x

Development of an individual project, request into account the customer's requirements and the optimal technological production cycle

Performance of work in accordance with the requirements:

  • Organization of production in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system ISO 9001
  • Performance of work in accordance with: “Structural Welding Code – Steel AWS D1.1”, “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials” EN ISO 3834, and the standard “Execution of steel structures and aluminum structures” EN 1090
  • Technological processes for special types of work

Fulfillment of orders in accordance with the requirements of PMBOK's knowledge

  • Scheduling
  • Budget planning and financing plan
  • Quality planning
  • Providing reporting for the customer

Availability of a guarantee for manufactured products: 24 months for products and up to 12 years for anti-corrosion coating

Experience in the tolling scheme

The ability to send an order outside the country with a set of measures for packaging, customs clearance and delivery

The ability to control the production process both personally and remotely via video communication

Obtaining a complete set of executive documentation

Experienced employees: design engineers, process engineers, production workers with more than 15 years of experience in the field of heavy engineering

Availability of the opportunity to provide qualified personnel for the integration of manufactured products (implementation of field connections, including using repair technologies)

Responsibility for the undertaken obligations

How it works: x



Drawing or idea

«Irosteecon» LLC sales manager is contacted and provided with the drawings or ideas



Technical specifications

Technical specifications are prepared by «Irosteecon» LLC employees for approval by the customer



Commercial offer

Quotation is prepared and handed over to the customer for approval



Signing the contract

an agreement with the following supplements: technical specification or drawings, schedule, financing plan, standard equipment list, if available, etc. is submitted by «Irosteecon» LLC sales manager to the customer for signature



Appointment of a project manager

Customer and service provider representatives responsible for communication during the project execution are agreed (project manager is appointed)



Execution and control

Irosteecon LLC employees manufacture products with operational quality control. Completed work is handed over to the customer along with the turnover documentation



Packing and transportation

Products are packed and transported to the customer site



Construction works

On-site installation and commissioning works are performed
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